ENYAWREKLAW Concentrates

Made in the USA, distributed exclusively in SA by Mr. Hardwick's, in partnership with DIYORDIEVAPING and ECIGEXPRESS.

Available in 30ml sizes, these concentrates will get you between 175-200ml of craft e-liquid at an unbeatable price.


Rosky Milk:

A recipe that took over 6 months of development, Rosky Milk is one of the most authentic cereal milk flavors to date.

If you're tired of the "lemon-pledge" cereal flavors that exploded on the market, try this velvety and succulent cereal milk flavor
with a splash of "pink" strawberry syrup.

Perfect ADV for those who love nostalgic flavors.

BEST MIXED AT 17%, 70VG/30PG, and steeped for at least 5 DAYS.


Funfetti OG:

A decadent and Rich Birthday Cake, covered with Sweet Vanilla Icing, topped with Sprinkles. With many companies trying to emulate this recipe.
This is the ORIGINAL and the BEST.

Perfect for those looking for a fun and fluffy confection with character.

BEST MIXED AT: 16.75%, 70VG/30PG, and steeped for at least 5-10 DAYS.


Light and sweet pistachio laid upon a warm sugar cookie accompanied by a smooth and thick base of caramel and slight touches of tobacco leaf.

BEST MIXED AT 15.5%, 60VG/40PG, and steeped for at least 2 WEEKS.